Ale's Stones of Kaseberga  

Fifteen miles east of Ystad on the eastern edge of Sweden lies the village of Kaseberga.  Just outside of town you'll find a footpath leading to a hill above the sea.  Here lies an arrangement of stones.  The shape is that of an imaginary boat some 250 feet in length.

Still a puzzle to archeologists, the stones date to the 5th Century.









Directly north lies the town of Vadstena.  The Castle here dates to 1715.   St. Birgitta  founded a monastery in the 1300's.  You can stay in the building, which is now the Klosterhotel.












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Above: Vadstena Slott along the lake's edge.

A site similar to Ale's Stones in on farmlands just outside Vadstena.  The monuments also dates to the 5th Century.