The Great Pyramids    

The Great Pyramids-without question the greatest wonders of the ancient world.  Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinos are the tallest, rising nearing 500 feet above their bases.  Yet, there are 80 other pyramids along this plateau just outside Cairo.

Arrive at least an hour before the park opens to be in line for one of the few tickets sold to enter inside one of these awesome stone monuments.  Because the interior climb is in a space large enough for only one person, a very limited number of visitors are permitted each day.  Pictured right is the access, in which one must pull themself upward by means of the handrails.

Who built the Sphinx remains an unsolved mystery.

For every pyramid there was a burial site for the king or queen's boat.  Pictured right is such as site.  The museum for Cheop's vessel is seen at the base of his pyramid.

Pictured below, the painfully reconstructed craft is displayed, having been preserved by the sands since the pharoah was entombed.

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The glow of sunrise reflects gloriously from the great pyramids, as it has for thousands of years.