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Captain of River Cruise

Musicians in town

Victoria Falls is as amazing as it is powerful.  When you're at the site, you walk on the land opposite the falling water.  You stand less than a hundred feed from the edge at the top of the falls.  I thought that there had been an ancient earthquake and the earth's crust has pulled apart, leaving a gap hundreds of feet deep.  The truth is the river found a vein of soft rock and over time, eroded the pathway.  Victoria Falls is yet another breath-taking experience in Africa-one not to be missed.

Pictured right is the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.  This is the place to stay.  The restaurant and bar overlook the Zambezi River and a watering hole.  At dusk, hundreds of animals come to the water just a few feet from the balcony railing seen here.. 

Bold African themes are everywhere in the structure and its decorations.  Oddly enough, this is highly unusual.  Most of  the establishments in Southern Africa have a sanitized, British decor.

                               Sunset Cruise along the Zambezi River

                     The Powerful Victoria Falls  (pictured in the winter dry season)

                             Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

     Dining Room overlooking the watering holes and Zambezi River